Inner Harmony and Balance

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For a long time, my goal is to find harmony and balance in life.

I thought if I reduce stress and avoid rushing around, stay away from stressful situations, I will find peace.


These days it seems to me, that it’s more important to speak my truth, walk my path, act from my heart and be compassionate for others.


I have doubted and questioned myself so many times, whether this is the correct path to follow, do I have enough knowledge to share? I may or may not please everyone with my work and behaviour, but it’s a learning process for me, as well.


I am grateful to learn from every situation and from every person I meet and connect.

I believe in my path and I know that I need to improve a lot to be able to give more.


I’m about to find harmony between things, speak my truth, walk my path and act from my heart.

It is a hard work, indeed.


I still believe that Love is our true nature. And it’s unconditional.