Online Yoga classes in the digital world

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Many people have been asking me about the Online Yoga classes and how they went? Well, they are still running and it has been a greater success than I could ever imagine!


I need to add a little background story here. My family lives in 3 different countries and we have adjusted to online communication a LONG time ago. Also, I studied Human Resources at uni for 6 years and one of my favourite subjects was E-Learning.


Of course, online classes are not entirely the same as face to face classes, but at the given situation they are the closest experience to group classes, you certainly can feel connected. And it is heart- warming to see people recognise each other from previous classes, 2-3 years ago.


It has been really nice to reconnect with some of my students from Bristol and it absolutely motivated me and gave me a sense of time and purpose during the lockdown period.


I am extremely grateful to Everyone who attended and attending the classes!


We are truly united by Yoga, no matter where we live on Earth.
Thank you so much!