Patience, the best quality of a yogi

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Sometimes I see beginners struggling who just recently started yoga and they would like to master all the postures on the first class and feel frustrated if can’t perform everything perfectly.


Yoga is a slow, deep transition, changing the body, the muscle memory, the emotional body and the attitude.

There’s no need to achieve goals, have high expectations and prove something in short period of time.

The practice is yours, you choose the pace and the path.


The yoga practice is the island of peace where you can truly be yourself. I like that yoga is not a competitive sport, there are no exhibitions, it’s really coming from the heart.



Patanjali sais in his Yoga Sutras (1.14)

Sahtu Dirgha Kala Nairantarya Satkara Asevitah Dridhabhumih

Have a regular, firmly established practice for a long period of time, patience, dedication, faith and curiosity about the practice. The attitude satkara contains the principles of devotion, sincerity, respect, reverence, positiveness and right choice.