Courage and vulnerability

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1 year ago I thought that it will be easy to build up my classes again from scratch in another country, my country, after living abroad for 9 years.

I believe that I have useful knowledge and experience and I am keen to share it with everyone who is interested in Yoga.

Usually, new businesses take 3 to 5 years to build but it’s easier and easier to build new one once you’ve done it before.

I put myself out there every time I teach yoga and organize events, and I feel vulnerable, especially as I’m an introvert and the road has been quite rocky since I moved back to Hungary.

Yet, this is my heart’s desire.

I chose courage and persistence since I started to teach back in 2015 and deepening my knowledge and self-realization were always really important to me.

I can only believe in myself, my journey and trust the process.

I feel incredibly thankful for all the wonderful souls who I met through yoga over these years.